Our clinic is able to fit and provide advanced contact lens services for medical conditions which require contact lens correction. These conditions include numerous disorders of the front of the eye which typically cannot be corrected with glasses, such as keratoconus and other ectasias which distort the normal shape of the eye’s optics.

Tillamook vision center is also able to fit and provide scleral lenses for the treatment of ocular surface diseases, where the surface of the eye requires help to remain healthy and maintain clear vision. These conditions can include corneal scarring, post-surgery, and severe dry-eye.

We are also excited in the near future to begin offering ortho-keratology services. Similar to a retainer, these lenses are only worn at night while sleeping, and they re-shape the front of the eye to provide clear vision during the whole day without correction. Studies have also shown that they provide a significant effect in slowing or stopping the development of near-sightedness in kids.