At our clinic we are pleased to serve patients of all ages. We know how important it is that children be able to see and explore the world in high definition!

The American Optometric Association recommends that children should have their first eye exam at about 6 months. If the first exam shows that their eyes are healthy, they should have their next exam when they are 2-3 years old. Even if eye problems do not run in the family and your child hasn’t displayed any symptoms, they should visit the optometrist every year after the age of 3 to ensure their eyes are in good health.

While many schools offer annual vision checks, it is important to recognize that they are not complete vision exams, and can easily miss important vision and eye health problems. Early detection is very important to make it easier to treat any condition, but is particularly important in children, whose visual systems are still developing and can be seriously and permanently affected by undiagnosed vision problems. If you think your child might be having trouble with their vision, schedule an appointment with our doctor. Some possible symptoms to watch for in children with potential vision problems are:

1) Frequent squinting
2) Closing one eye to focus
3) Rubbing the eyes
4) Frequent or excessive blinking
5) Headache complaints

Our clinic can address any questions you have regarding your child’s first visit to the eye doctor before the appointment so they know exactly what to expect. Our eye exams are complete, the practice is comfortable, and the appointment with your doctor will not take very long. We look forward to getting your little one back on the go with clear vision and healthy eyes!