At Tillamook Vision Center we are pleased to be able to provide the latest in Ocular Imaging to identify, diagnose, and monitor diseases of the eye. We offer routine screening photography as part of your comprehensive exam so that you can see and appreciate what the doctor is looking at when your eyes are being examined. We also provide more detailed photographic evaluation when ocular disease is present. Digital photography can help us monitor medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and even identify neurological problems like impending strokes and brain tumors. Often changes in the health of your eyes might not affect your vision until they are advanced, and photography can help us detect and treat these conditions sooner.

Our clinic is also excited to now offer the latest in optical coherence tomography for the identification and monitoring of glaucoma, retinal disease, and disorders of the cornea and anterior segment. This camera gives us a high-definition cross-sectional view of the tissue in your eye, which can help us assess eye diseases and watch them over time for progression. Our doctor can also use these photos to discuss with you exactly what they’re watching for in your eyes at your exam.